Customer Service

Andrew Cox | Customer Success Manager


In the startup world, SME's often get caught up in developing their product too quickly, and tend to forget about other important aspects of starting up; Accessibility, Usability, Support. My aim, as a startup and tech enthusiast is to develop SME's in the areas outlined above. By learning about customer needs and working closely with them, I help drive SaaS SME's to a position where they are making a positive ROI.

With over 5 years in customer service experience, I have developed a deep understand of how customers think and react when using SaaS Apps. By having this knowledge, I am able to bring valuable insights to any development team by identifying barriers to entry which impact retention and churn rates.

Sexpot Limited

Andrew's new startup is aimed at couples looking to spice up their private lives. By signing up to a monthly subscription, couples get a unique box of goodies which they receive once a month. Themed boxes play an important role and this gives couples the opportunity to try something new, every month.

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