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Jake Tipper | Founder of Total Socials - The Social Media Business Directory


I have created the Total Socials website out of a problem I discovered when using social media on a regular basis, as part of an online marketing strategy. As a frequent user of most social networks I was always looking to follow prospective customers and other businesses to ensure the business got full exposure and grew, as well as helping to keep an eye on competition across all social media platforms. Now i know we all have Facebook pages, Youtube Videos, Twitter accounts and Frequently blog as well as using other social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Slideshare. With Total Socials we are able to include all the places for businesses to connect with each other in one small page. With one click of a button you can find a chosen type of business in your chosen Social Media platform, in any area in the UK, or a number of other filters to track down what you need - And most importantly, on what social network you need it! We know you will find Total Socials as useful as we do. All it costs is a couple of minutes of your time to create your own business listing. The Total Socials website is a community driven resource, and it requires you to share and use it frequently to help it grow and become more effective. It's free to be listed and free to use, unless you want to be a featured/premium member for increased exposure and growth. We have a range of social media so come and join us - LinkedIn - Twitter - or Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest - Google+ - Blogger - I also currently work in Marketing Development at Liquidity Group, my roles include; ensuring the social media is up to date, as well as networking with prospective clients and measuring the effectiveness of our marketing strategy.